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Tanzania, the wildlife park of Africa is a country that will enchant you. With opportunities to explore dense forests, wild plains and savannahs, and watch closely zebras, lions, hyenas and giraffes on their natural landscape, it is one of the finest safari destinations.

Tanzania does not stop to amaze you as it is the home to the highest African mountain, Kilimanjaro, and two of the African Great Lakes, Victoria and Tanganyika. The world-famous National Reserves of Serengeti and Ngorongo, that have been featured in many documentary programs, are next to forgotten cities dating from the caravan routes of the past centuries, and ancient ports on the Swahili coast that were used to facilitate trade of spices and jewels with India. The amazing island of Zanzibar offers crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs, forests with large monkey populations and a unique species of leopard.

The country hosts more than 120 ethnic groups, including the famous Maasai and their colorful traditions, all with different backgrounds and cultures that coexist in harmony with each other in the majestic nature of this land.

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