Business Life

The opinions of our employees are important for us

We are aware of the importance of our employees' support as we care about measuring the satisfaction level of our employees and increasing their loyalties according to this data, and accordingly, we get their opinions in order to determine improvement opportunities via the Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire performed each year in intranet environment within all our companies.

We ensure the participation of our employees in the guest orientation and continuous development philosophy via the Suggestion Awarding System, support the constructive and productive ideas and reward the most successful suggestion.


We gather together at the end of each season with the participation of the top and medium management levels of all our companies. We keep our synergy alive through meetings performed in all business fields where the results of our activities throughout the year are evaluated and both targets and strategies of the next year are discussed. We send off the season joyfully together with motivational activities besides just evaluating the business results.

We do not forget to have fun

We welcome each season which we start with new excitements through Season Opening Organizations and Season Opening Picnic in which our families attend too. When sending off the season, we celebrate our success through the Big Smile Fest organizations which have been traditional and performed with the participation of all employees within each of our company.

We award our employees success

We present the Seniority Awards and Plaques in the Coral Summit and Big Smile Fest organizations to our employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20 years within Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding). We present various awards to our employees via Suggestion Awards at the end of the year in order to encourage our employees to come up with value adding suggestions.

Our Equal Opportunity Policy

We provide to all of our employees equal employment and development opportunities without discriminating their ethnic roots, colors, religions, nationalities, ages or any other qualifications within Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) during the employment and business life.

Our Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We give all of our holiday or business related services to our customers according to the Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards. We determine the effects and risks of operational and support activities in our processes within this context in the environment, occupational health and safety fields, prevent emerging of these effects and risks or take necessary precautions to have them in acceptable levels. We establish targets and programs in order to maintain the sustainability of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, review them periodically and target continuous development. Besides the legal regulations regarding environment, occupational health and safety, we perform the requirements of local and national regulations required for our activity fields.