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Mexico, a mixture of civilizations and culture, a country of eternal summer and carefree fun. Land of contrasts by nature: volcanoes with snow-capped peaks, stunning beaches, highlands that touch the sky, jungles, desert plains, rivers, lakes, desert cliffs, gorges and deep valleys. Ancient civilizations that disappeared, pyramids, colonial buildings, Indians, Mestizos, delicious spicy cuisine, tequila, sombrero, hammocks, handicrafts, fascinating rhythms and music. 

Inhabited since antiquity by the Maya, the Yucatan peninsula, holds now the heavy legacy of colonialism with imposing mansions, temples and palaces. The Chiapas region remains the most "Indian" region in the whole country, maintaining typical characteristics of the indigenous rural life. In the capital Mexico City, you will see a vast metropolis built at an altitude of over 2000 meters, full of contrasts, strong social inequalities, but also a unique architectural and cultural tradition. The homeland of the mariachi with the guitars and the songs of lust and love, sombreros and tequila. 

In Mexico you will get a taste of the Maya culture in places like Chichen-Itza, Merida, Uxmal, Palenque. You will enjoy endless white sand and emerald waters in Cancun. Mexico will stimulate your senses to a dangerous degree, captivate your spirit and satiate your soul.

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    Mexico City

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    Mexican peso (MXN)

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