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Corporate Overview

Lets meet where people meet!

In Old Greek it means a place where songs are sung and the historical structures built in the Roman cities for the purposes of listening to music are called ODEONs. Turkey, particularly Antalya and its surroundings, has a very rich heritage of ODEONs. Therefore, they have inspired us to name our company after them, which we have established in 1992.

Odeon Tours which converted the natural beauties of the country into congenial service on this cultural and historical platform, is one of the leading companies that have become a corporation in the Turkish tourism sector, and that has managed to become a trademark with its careful quality approach.

A winning combination.

Odeon Tours which has started with the motto Let's meet where people meet, has entered the Russian market in 1994. It is honoring for the Odeon Tours employees to ensure that the ties between the citizens of these two countries of strong historical, cultural and economic relations, sharing the same geography, are further strengthened thanks to this tourism relationship, and to contribute to this.

With its knowledge accumulation, experience and reliable partners of 10 years, ODEON TOURS is able to present to its customers a high quality service with reasonable prices.

The main characteristics of our company policy and employees are, customer satisfaction, efficiency, technology follow-up and utilization, teamwork, motivation and training.

ODEON TOURS is always committed to self-improvement, and improvement of partners. Thus, it is believed that the quality of the service given to customers can steadily be increased, and in fact we have seen the positive results of this approach, by the hundred times increase in the number of pax served in 10 years.

We take our job very seriously at Odeon Tours in making sure that our guests enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

One of the main characteristics of Odeon Tours, which distinguishes it from other companies, is the fact that as a first in Turkey, it has established a system to identify, implement and inspect quality standards covering Airport, Flight, Greeting, Transfers, Hotels, Artisans, Transportation Vehicles, Restaurants and Tour activities. A feedback system covering the Customers, Agencies and Tour operators has been established. Furthermore, this feedback is enhanced on the spot through support organizations.